While we may not be able to protect ourselves from everything and every risk, we can prepare now for whatever might happen. Creating your estate plan now does protect you and your family when tragedy strikes, as you will be prepared for that eventuality, it will be much easier for your loved ones, and you are assured that what you want to happen will happen.
To prepare, consider these documents:
• A Durable Power of Attorney in which you appoint someone, your “Agent,” to handle your real and personal property and accountsif you are unable to do so yourself.
• An Advance Directive in which you appoint an Agent to make medical decisions for you, if you are unable to make those decisions for yourself.
• A HIPAA Representative power which gives people whom you designate, such as your Agent, access to your protected health information.
• A Revocable Trust to allow management of assets during life and at death. Such a trust allows the avoidance of the delays and expense of probate which is of significant cost in Oregon. Through this trust and the PourOver Will discussed below, you can spell out how you want your assets distributed to your spouse, children, and/or other beneficiaries to help them the most.
• A PourOver Will which sends any assets which are outside of the Trust at your death to the Trust, and can nominate guardians for any of your minor children.

Once you have your estate plan in place you’ll be ready for whatever life has in store for you!